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Split Red Records

Split Red RecordsSplit Red Records is the mischievous indie rockin cousin of Out The Box Records, finding contemporary and edgy artists with a strong national fan base, recording them and then blowing them up.

The first release for Split Red will be the new album from legendary Chicago Indie rockers oh my god, “Fools Want Noise”.  OMG combines in your face distorted organ with power guitar and the always fascinating and powerful vocals of monster front man Billy O’Neil. The album includes in your face rockers such as “Better Than That”, “Facewash” and the twisted holiday classic “But That’s Just Me”.

The album is set to be released on October 14, 2008  on Split Red Records and distributed by RED. The four-piece incarnation of the band has just hit the road and will be on tour through November. Check the OMG website complete with audio-visual tour logs. Click here for a tour schedule. Giuseppe Andrews (of Troma fame) has already directed one video and another is on the way. Say it: OH MY GOD!

Split Red Releases:

Fools What Noise Oh My God

oh my god
Fools Want Noise

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